April Spread – Bullet Journal

I quickly want to explain why I haven‘t been posting in a while..we are currently having a whole lot of issues with our wifi and our wifi provider. We are still trying to figure out why our wifi isn‘t working. Hopefully that will be over soon. Anyway, here is my April spread.


I hope you guys like my spread for this month. I decided to get rid off of the sleeping tracker since I bought myself a FitBit that helps me track my sleep better. Anyway, how does your April spread look? Tell me in the comments down below.

Caroll Ann

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Deos by Nadeos – First Impression

I know that I didn‘t post anything last week and I have to apologize for that. I‘ve been sick all week and still am, I hate that. But I also heard that so many people are currently suffering from a cold/flu, so I hope you didn‘t mind the week break I took. Anyway, let‘s just get right into the post, which is going to be a first impression of three Deos that the company Nadeos kindly sent to me. I just want to make clear that I got the Deos for free BUT this blog post is not sponsored and no matter what I‘ll be honest about my own opinion. So let‘s get started.


I am always on the hunt for the perfect deo that also works as well as it says it does. I have the feeling that no matter what deo I use, it does not work for a long period of time..so when I found Nadeos I knew I wanted to give them a try, no matter if I had to buy them myself or get them for free.
What I love about the Deos is that they are without any non-organic things. It‘s vegan, without aluminium, preservatives, alum. They are said to work for 24 hours, not irritate the skin or anything like that. At least that‘s what Nadeos says about it.
The deos retail for 10€ which is kind of pricey but I would not mind paying that money if they work like they say they do.

79496a25-756d-4d10-b565-9459beb4add6.jpegThe first deo that I got was the „No2 Rosenblüte“ (rose blossom) which smells like, you guessed it, roses. I love the smell, it doesn‘t smell artificial..it smells like a real rose. Like I said this is a first impression so I do not know about the longevity of it but for now it smells really good on the body and just smelling it in the packaging.

83cb8ff1-3abf-4543-afc6-cd995c22c10e.jpegThen I also got „No4 Kokosnuss“ (coconut) which smells exactly like a real coconut. I barely like coconut scented things because I HATE the artificial smell of coconut and sadly almost everything coconut scented smells artificial BUT this one smells like a legit coconut, so if you are like me..you‘ll love the smell but again I will update you on how this works and smells on my body after a long day.

E74EA354-BBE0-46DC-B0DA-4B8DC59D22B883BA72B9-63EE-4A74-871F-C680068BCDB7Last but not least I got „No10 Sport“ (work-out) which is the one I look forward to the most. I really want to get into going to the gym again and I need a good deo so that I won‘t be smelling disgusting afterwards. Also this is supposed to smell like bergamot which is on of the notes that I have in almost all my favorite perfumes. The smell is amazing and I love how it smells on my skin hopefully it also holds what it promises. Can not wait to update you and come at you with a full review.

55385983-3438-40df-ac3f-5c5c207c27ff.jpegWhat I love about these again is that there are free from all the stuff you do not want to put on your body, they are vegan and natural which is something you should always look for. You can get them on the website of Nadeos, I am not sure to which countries they are shipping since they are in Austria but I‘ll make sure to let you know in my full on review.

Do you have any Deos you can recommend or did you even try these ones? Let me know in the comments down below, also you can also request a topic/post whenever you want to. That‘s what the comments are for as well.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will be back next week.

Caroll Ann

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Get Unready With Me – Night Skincare Routine

Before I jump into what this post is about, I quickly want to remind you to follow my blog to always be up-to-date and get a notification whenever I post. You can either follow me via wordpress, if you have an account OR you can follow me with your e-mail, so you can get a mail whenever a new post is waiting for you. Just wanted to say it because it would help me a lot if you decided to follow me.

But enough about this, let‘s get to the real topic of this..skincare. I used to be someone who didn‘t care that much about skincare and barely used ANY products and that used to work pretty good for me but my skin changed and got harder to work with (especially when it comes to make up) so I had to other choice but to finally invest into some skincare stuff.
Today we‘ll focus on my night routine, so every product that I use before I go to bed, yes I went from having no skincare to having a night and a day routine. I don‘t use all the products that I mention today on a daily basis but will always state how often I use it in the week, just so you know..since I have a few options. So let‘s get going.

First step: Removing Make Up + Cleaning My Face
B749D137-6FD9-4E30-9560-46D7295041D3I always start my skincare routine with the cleaning of my face, especially when I wore make up (which I don’t do daily) but even on no-make-up days we need to clean our skin to get rid off all the dirt and bacteria that got on it during the day. I use my Make-Up Eraser to get rid off most of my make up and put some micellar water by Balea on it whenever I used waterproof mascara, just to make sure that I get rid off of everything. A2F59FD7-B49B-4F54-9E85-5FA9A9CE82BEBut that‘s not everything I do to clean my face, I also use my Balea mild cleaning foam to het rid off of any leftover stuff or bacteria that is still on my face.




Second step: Exfoliating
81340F0C-9CE0-441E-852F-283EAEC3747ETo me exfoliating is so important, especially because I have really dry patches on my skin and if I didn‘t exfoliate every 2 days my make up would look horrible on top of my skin. So I use my Balea Peeling Gel for normal to combo skin every two days to get rid off of all the dead skin cells. I just got myself the Foreo Luna Mini2 and I use that to really get the most out of the peeling gel. It helps remove every dead skin cell on my face. Would definitely recommend the Foreo face brush, the best thing ever..at least if you ask me. D0B7ED1D-FB1A-4982-AAAC-D6EA1E722D48






Third optional step: Face Masks
F9C0C98C-29C9-4FC4-B5B0-9E982B2F8FDFI love using face masks, to me they really make a difference. I don‘t use them too often though, probably like one to two times a week. I have to masks that I love to use one of them is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, this is a mask that you obviously leave on over night, so I never use anything after this whenever I use it. It just helps to moisturize my skin and helps my skin to save the moisture as well. I also have the Balea Cleaning Peeling Mask, which I use a lot during the winter time since my skin is insanely dry whenever the cold is there. This just helps to get all the dirt out of your pores and also to get rid off of all the dead skin cells.EEF2B60F-295A-4428-A41B-DE7A317889B5





Last step: Moisturising The Skin
7FB24E5B-FD0D-4075-B646-D4E46F58A7C3Like I said I have combo skin, so I have really oily parts on my face but also insanely dry patches on my skin, especially in the winter time. So I need to use moisturizer daily. Often I start that by using my Alterra Beauty Elixir and put that all over my face. It‘s a serum especially for dry skin..so I focus it on the dry parts but mainly put this everywhere as well. Then I use my Cien Soft 24H Hydro Care which is the perfect moisturizer for me. 6D272936-50BD-4CEA-B4E4-E64AFF531790It sinks into the skin quiet fast, so you don‘t have that disgusting oily film on your skin for long, which I hate. So this is perfect for me. I just discovered an eye cream for me, never used one before and am currently still trying it out BUT I use the Cien Sensitive Eye Cream, I don’t use much of it just a pea size amount directly under my eyes.70D2E3AE-9D78-4C34-ADE0-5EE389CD8B63 And last but not least I just love to use my Rosense Rose Water just to get the rose smell, also it helps to refresh my skin..like a lot.
I also use a lip balm before I got to bed because who likes waking up with crusty lips? NO ONE! My favorite lip balm by far is the LVLY one. It‘s so perfect and my lips won‘t feel crusty at all..like I wake up with the most beautiful lips whenever I use this, so amazing. Especially in the winter time I can NOT forget to use this otherwise my lips will look awful when I wake up.

So now we are at the end of today‘s post. Like I said I started my skincare routine a few months ago and didn‘t really invest into highness skincare so far. Is there anything that you can recommend especially for combo skin? I‘d love to hear your feedback in the comments down below. Make sure to leave your recommendations, advice and requests all down below.

Caroll Ann

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March Spread – Bullet Journal

Before I show you how I designed my spread for march, I want to let you know that I will be posting once a week on this blog. I never really talked about a specific schedule before, but I decided to be post either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. So you‘ll get one post a week on any of those three days. AND I also decided that showing you my monthly spreads will be an extra post, so on those weeks you get 2 posts instead of one, I hope that‘s okay for you. I just wanted to let you know, so you know when you come back for new posts…even though following my blog via wordpress or e-mail would be easier for you, since you then get notified whenever I post, just sayin‘. Here is my spread of march of 2019.


As you can see I decided to go with a whole habit tracker instead of just tracking my sleep, that‘s because I really want to keep track of all my habits, like being at the gym, drinking enough water and all that and I also didn‘t really track my sleep as good as I wanted on the sleep tracker since I barely remember the exact number of hours that I slept, so I instead thought that I do it this way.
I hope you guys liked it, how does your march spread look? Let me know in the comments down below.

Caroll Ann

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My current Top 5 Perfumes – 2019

Welcome back to my blog and thank you for coming back or for being here for the first time. Make sure to follow my blog via e-mail or wordpress to always be notified when I publish another post. Ok this sounded just like a YouTube Intro, sorry about that.
Anyway, today‘s post will be like the title says about my Top Five Perfumes that I currently own. I‘ve never really been into perfumes at all but lately I bought a whole lot of perfumes. So I can pretty much say that I now love and also have a few that I am obsessed with. So I decided to share my Top Five with you. I‘ll rather them from #5 to #1 being the best.
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

#5 „ARI“ by Ariana Grande

“ARI“ by Ariana Grande Eau de Perfume Spray is a luscious and sexy fragrance. It opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floralcy, passionately spun with musks, woods and an addictive hint for marshmallow.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetFragrance Notes:
Top: crispy pear, pink grapefruit, juicy raspberry
Heart: soft muguet, rose buds, vanilla orchid
Base: marshmallow, creamy musk, blonde woods
Retails for: 60,00$ for 3,4oz
My Thoughts:
I really like the floral smell of it but it sadly doesn‘t last that long on me, which is why it is only my #5, it would be much higher if the lasting power was better. It last like 3-4 hours on me, but that‘s with a whole lot of luck. Usually it‘s more like 2-3 hours, sadly. So this is NOT meant for someone that wants a perfum to last all day or all night.

#4 „Lady Million“ by Paco Rabanne

“Lady Million“ Eau de Parfum is a warm & spiky fragrance from Paco Rabanne. Ultra-feminine, determines and terribly bold, the „Lady Million“ woman is vivacious and natural. She shines with a force drawn from her independence and clever mind. Enjoying life to the fullest. Lady Million responds to excess. No man can resist her and few can truly win her over.
Processed with VSCO with m5 presetFragrance Notes:
Top: bitter orange, neroli
Heart: jasmine sambac, orange  flower absolute
Base: honey, patchouli
Retails for: 104,00$ for 2,7oz
My Thoughts:
I love this scent a whole lot, it stays on me for a long time, not all day though. I used to always use this BUT then I noticed that everyone was wearing it, so I stopped using it. Now I am beginning to use it a lot again.

#3 „Alien Eau Extraordinaire“ by Mugler

Introducing „Alien Eau Extraordinaire“, a smoldering elixir captured in luminous crystal. An illuminating and intensely feminine Eau de Toilette, „Alien Eau Extraordinaire“ enchants with its sensual freshness, enveloping each woman in an aura of crystalline light. A mordern purity, precious and delicate, kisses the skin with positive radiance, evoking a new sun goddes that is both sophisticated and serene. Captured in a brilliant faceted stone, imbued with timeless elegance, „Alien Eau Extraordinaire“ captivates with its glowing tranquility.
Processed with VSCO with m5 presetFragrance Notes:
Top: Tunisian neroli, bergamot tea
Heart: tiare
Base: white amber
Retails for: 90,00$ for 3oz
My thoughts:
I love this perfume especially in the summer. This really isn‘t a perfume for an evening out but for a summer day with friends, being on the beach or going shopping. It‘s more of a summer day-time sends but it lasts all day on me and is a beautiful scent.

#2 „Cloud“ by Ariana Grande

This addictive scent opens with a dreamy blend of alluring lavender blossom, forbidden juicy pear and mouthwatering bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is a whipped touch of crème de coconut, indulgent praline and exotic vanilla orchid. Sensual musks and creamy woods add a cashmere like feel that seduces the senses.
Processed with VSCO with m5 presetFragrance Notes:
Top: lavender, pear and bergamot
Heart: coconut, praline and vanilla orchid
Base: cashmere
Retails for: 60,00$ for 3,4oz
My thoughts:
I really love this perfume and it is MY go to scent currently. I love the lavender note in this perfume, it‘s sexy but also relaxing at the same time which helps with my anxiety sometimes. So this won‘t be for anyone that does not like the smell of lavender, that‘s for sure. The scent stays HOURS on me, like I smell all day and night. I can still smell it the next day on me, especially when I sprayed it on my hair and on my clothes. Really one of my favs, especially for that price point.

#1 „Flowerbomb“ by Viktor&Rolf

Full-bodied and opulent, the Eau de Parfum explodes in a bouquet of sensations, with its addictive floral notes which leave their trail, like a whirlwind that is distinctly couture. The explosive floral bouquet of thousand flowers, centered around freesia, centifolia rose, osmanthus and sambac jasmine.
Processed with VSCO with m5 presetFragrance Notes:
Top: bergamot, orange blossom
Heart: jasmine, rose freesia
Base: vanilla praline, patchouli
Retails for: 165,00$ for 3,4oz
My thoughts:
To me this is the perfect scent NO matter for what occasion. I love floral scents which you can probably tell by my #5 perfumes. It‘s such a cute, sexy and sophisticated scent. It lasts all day on me and I get the most compliments on my perfum whenever I wear this. Also I bought it because KathleenLights loves it and talked about it like all the time. I am obsessed with this, the only negative is the price point, but I would pay that money again for that scent. Still my favorite and will always be.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you ever tried any of the perfumes I mentioned and also let me know what your favorite ones are. I love exploring new perfumes and trying out new stuff, so leave them in the comments down below.
Also I think about posting my very first true crime related post, are there any cases that you want me to post about? Leave that in the comments down below as well.

Caroll Ann

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Mental Health – My Story

Before I start this post and go into the topic, I want you all to know that there might be some triggering stuff in this post. So if you are triggered easily please do NOT continue to read. I don’t want any of you to maybe get a panic attack or anything else because of this. Just a disclaimer right here.


This is probably the hardest post I ever had to write, since it‘s a quite personal. I wasn’t sure if I should even make it but at the end of the day I want to talk about mental health on my blog so what better way to start a conversation on here than to talk about my own story with my mental health and my struggles.

I know that some people might not be interested in this topic, so feel free to come back for the next post and just skip this one. I am not going to talk about mental health issues in general, I will only talk about my own fight with my personal mental health, so that you guys also know my back story and why I think that having a conversation about this is so damn important. So let‘s get started on my own story.

I always had a weird and NOT good relationship with food and that is the first thing that others noticed. I used to suffer from an eating disorder called bulimia and binge eating. My family didn‘t really notice it that much, since I was good at hiding it BUT my dentist wanted to talk to my mother at one point because she feared that I suffered from bulimia. My teeth weren‘t in a good condition just like my gums, they weren‘t either. My mother started a conversation with me about it and I admitted it straight away, so my parents made me go into a clinic especially for eating disorders where I noticed that not only my relationship with food was horrible BUT my relationship to myself was insanely bad as well.


I started seeing a therapist after that clinic just incase, also my parents wanted that too. With that therapist I noticed that I suffered not only from an eating disorder but also from depression, so my therapist diagnosed me with it when I was 13 years old. So I am now diagnosed since almost 11 years since I‘ll be 24 this year. My mental health wasn‘t the best during that time but it was okay. BUT then something changed when people in school started to bully me, it wasn‘t as bad when I still had a class where I felt comfortable but then in Germany 11th year came around where we don‘t have a real class but have to take many classes with different people…that‘s when I noticed the bullying a whole lot more and it really effected me a whole lot. I started to skip school like the majority of the time and my mental health got worse with each day. I came to a point where I decided that suicide is the only option. Luckily I told my therapist about those thoughts and she and my mother decided that I have to enter a secure section in a psychiatric ward. I had to stay there for 3 weeks until I was able to go into a psychiatric ward especially for people in my age..there I had to stay for almost 6 months.
I had many therapy groups during that time, had therapy sessions twice a week and spent all day there…which was NOT good at all since everyone was around my age (16 at the time) we all weren‘t good for each other. We actually told each other how to hide our illness from everyone instead of really wanting to get better.

So I left that ward telling my parents that I am doing better, when in reality I was at the lowest point of my mental health journey. One week after I got home..I tried to kill myself by overdosing. My parents luckily noticed and called an ambulance. So I am lucky that I am alive today..sadly that wasn‘t the only attempt of suicide BUT it was the worst.
I‘ve been to several psychiatric wards since then..and was until 2014. There I was doing „better“ or at least I thought I was. I still went to therapy, took antidepressants and worked on my mental health from 2014 until 2018 BUT that all came to an end in august 2018. I broke down at work, like literally broke down and everything poured out of me. I talked to my parents about me having suicidal thoughts again…I noticed how bad my mental health actually was. I entered a psychiatric ward in October and stayed there until December and am now waiting to enter again in the middle of march. So I am currently still in the battle with my depression and am trying to be strong…it‘s hard but I am doing it. I am fighting to a full recovery until I achieved that.

Like I said I just wanted you all to know my story before I post stuff about mental health, mental illnesses and stuff like that. That way you know that I have my own journey with all of this. Again I hope this post didn‘t trigger anyone, I don‘t want to upset anyone.
Also I think I never been more scared to publish a post before..like NEVER! I am so scared but I know that depression or suffering form a mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of..and I want y‘all to know that you are not alone in this. I am there with you and I am rooting for you. It took me like 3 weeks to write this post..I left out some stuff..but this is mainly my journey.

Caroll Ann

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Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation – Review

Today I am coming at you with my first ever review on this blog. But before I start the review of the product, I thought it be good to let you know what I mean when I say „review“. I won‘t do any reviews on stuff that I haven‘t tried a lot, meaning I won‘t write a full on review on products that I only tried like once or twice. The products that I write a review about have been used for at least a month, so that I can really tell you how I think about it in the long run and not just what I thought about it after initially trying it for the first time, to me that would be a „First Impression“ and I‘ll also do those on this blog.
So now that I told you what it means when I personally say review, let‘s start with the actual post.

I knew right away that I want to review this product, when I first tried it. Because I heard so much stuff about the Foundation that I decided I need to try it for myself and need to review it on my own.
The product that I am talking about is the „Conceal & Define Foundation“ by Makeup Revolution. You probably heard about that product and the concealer with the same name before. So I‘ll now tell you what the brand says about the product and then I will tell you what I personally think about it.

Product description from the brand: 891C55D2-D228-45B3-85A5-41C0792C4E80
Ageless. Unisex. Affordable. Yours.
NEW to the Conceal & Define family, meet our Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation. Offering lightweight yet buildable coverage in 50 skin-true shades, this versatile foundation is designed to suit every skin type and tone.
With an oil-free yet creamy and comfortable formula that dries down to a long-lasting, demi-matte finish, it won‘t settle into fine lines or cling to dry patches.
Housed in a luxe glass bottle with a jumbo doe-foot applicator for greater control and less waste, this foundation offers highly pigmented coverage that can be layered or diffused to suit your look.
Swipe on and blend out to ramp up the coverage for a „real skin“ finish that diffuses blemishes and uneven skin tone. Or let your complexion‘s natural character shine through using a small amount with a damp beauty sponge for a veil-like coverage.
The Foundation retails for 10,00€

My review: 966F3AD5-A06B-420B-B327-79FE0B8C3698
I use the shade F6.
The first thing that I noticed about this foundation is that it looks and feels so expensive, at least the packaging does right away. The glass bottle makes you feel like you are currently having an high-end foundation in your hands. Also I actually really like the huge doe-foot applicator but I know that many people don‘t like those for sanitary reasons. But I am okay with it, since I am using the foundation on myself only. I have a good control over the amount just like the brand said.
Personally I like the finish with a brush more, but that‘s also because I do not like using a sponge since it soaks up too much of the product. The finish is like they described demi-matte even though it might not be as matte on oily skin than on dry skin. I personally tend to get really oily during the day, so I always HAVE to set the foundation with powder, otherwise it doesn‘t have the best staying power on me. But it really stays on all day when I set it, sometimes I need to touch up with a little powder after a few hours because I lately tend to sweat on my nose a lot, I don‘t know why.
To me this foundation has a medium coverage that is builtable BUT I would always be careful about it since it can look a little cakey when you use too much of it. I have so many foundations but this is the foundation I reach for the most, I just love the finish on me and I always get so many compliments on my make-up when I wear this foundation. It quickly became one of my favorites. One thing that I do not like is the smell of it..the foundation smells kind of chemically but it doesn‘t linger on your face.

So all in all I think that it‘s such a good foundation. I think it can work on all skin-types at least it works on my oily patches as well as on my dry ones, so I think that every skin-type can actually use this. It retails for 10,00€ in Germany, so it‘s really affordable. But not only the foundation itself is amazing but also the shade-range is so good for an affordable drugstore foundation. It comes in 50 shades which is a lot, especially for drugstore foundations. So finally a drugstore brand that has done a good job with the shades.

Did you guys ever use the Conceal & Define Foundation? Did you like it or wasn‘t it really your thing? Let me know in the comments down below, I love reading what others think about products that I like, especially since everyone‘s skin is so different. I hope you guys liked my very first review, you can always leave tips and advice in the comments since I am still new here. Can not wait to come at you with my next post.

Caroll Ann

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February Spread – Bullet Journal

January is almost over, that‘s how fast time flies BUT that also means that it‘s time to share my february spread with you. Again this is my digital bullet journal that I create on my iPad Pro 2018 with the Good Notes App and of course my Apple Pencil.
I think that my spread improved a little, since I am more used to the App and how to use it, but it could still be better. Anyway, here is my february spread. I hope you guys like it.


Do any of you have a bullet journal as well? Do you prefer doing it digitally or normally? Let me know in the comments down below. Also do you have any ideas for a good habit tracker? I thought about maybe including one in my march spread.
Also there will be a new post next week, it will be my first ever Foundation Review, so make sure to follow me, so that you are always up-to-date and won‘t miss my review or any other post of mine.

Caroll Ann

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Why Being Single Isn‘t bad

I am now single for a little longer than a year and a half and to this day I think that it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I always tell everyone around me that being on my own for so long is helping me so much. And I thought I might share my thoughts with you as well. Maybe some of you guys are going through something similiar and could really need to know that they are not alone. So here we go.

I’ve always been someone who did depend on the person I’ve been with. I have been in and out of 3 different relationships since I turned 18. The issue wasn’t that I’ve been young, no it was that I did depend my happiness on the guys that I loved. I never felt happiness in me whenever I wasn’t in a relationship (which only were short periods of time since I started dating). I never learned to only depend on myself, find myself and be confident in who I am. I just wanted someone to love me, because I didn’t…so whenever that person and I broke up, I felt like I could not breathe or function without them. I’m not 100% comfortable with sharing or talking about this, but then I think about all the young girls and boys doing the same thing I did until a year ago. I learned so much in the year that I haven’t been with a guy, I learned to depend on my own..I learned to be alone, to be honest.

I do not own this picture, I got it from google.

Not only do I think it was the best thing for me to be alone, but it is something I recommend to everyone. We need to learn that being in a relationship doesn’t always equal happiness, especially when you are where I am right now. I am struggling with mental illnesses and am really unhappy with myself lately and have been for a while. I always ran into relationships because I felt like them loving me will help me, them loving me would be enough for my mental illness to go away but I honestly just bottled everything up. Which led to emotional outbursts against my exes and even made me stay with someone who physical abused me because my illness told me that I deserved to be treated that way. I had to go through that extrem to finally open my eyes and to see that being alone isn‘t a bad thing, but that it can actually be a good thing. Being alone gave me so much energy and time to spend it on my goals, my health and on myself really. I decided to heal myself for me and not for a guy or let the guy heal me (which by the way never works). Also you do not have to settle for anything less just for the sake of being in a relationship, that is exactly how you end up with the wrong guy/girl and might even end up in a toxic relationship, like I did.

Being on your own really isn’t as bad as movies or anyone is making it out to be. Take the time you need to find who you are, find your place in the world before you get with someone to add to your happiness, BUT don’t let them be your only happiness. They should be the cherry on the top, you need a good foundation, so that you both not working out, won’t mess with your happiness and that you’ll be okay at the end of the day. I hope this post made sense and really this is so off topic but I had to just write it down for the sake of it and maybe I’ll not only help myself by writing this out, but also help one of you guys…someone who can relate and who is sick of not being independent enough. I can do this, so you can too.

Caroll Ann

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2019 & January Set Up – Bullet Journal

instead of describing everything I did for my bullet journal, I decided to just insert the pictures of my 2019 and January spread, so you can see how I designed it all. Just so you guys know I got the new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil a few days ago, so I decided to keep my bullet journal digital from now on. Do you want me to maybe do a post on why I prefer digital bullet journaling over doing it normally? Let me know in the comments of this post and I might make a whole post about it. But here we go.


I know that my spreads aren‘t the best, but like I said this is my first attempt at digital bullet journaling and I hope I‘ll improve within the next spreads. I am so happy with how it turned out, even if it is not perfect yet. Do you have a bullet journal? If you do, what is your favorite thing about it? Let me know in the comments.

Caroll Ann

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